Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter: Capturing Our Family Traditions

The best part of photography? Cementing memories for my family... Capturing moments that I can revisit years from now when my babies are grown... special moments... rare moments... everyday moments... traditions.
My parents are currently living in Ukraine as missionaries. While we miss them dearly, we want to celebrate the traditions they are now a part of. Above is our kid-made Pysanky: wax-resist dyed Easter eggs. Continue reading to see how we put the leftover egg dye to good use.
This is the start of a new tradition. We used leftover vinegar egg dye for magic potions. Add baking soda for instant reactions and throw in some bunny tails (cotton balls) bunny food (jelly beans) and Easter erasers for a special theme. 

Does a cup full of baking soda and vinegar taste good?? My 2 year old will tell you. No. It does not.

I adore these blurry moments. Shots that I can't get crisp because I can't stop giggling with my son.

Continuing a favorite tradition with Bunny-on-a-Stick. It's sugar dipped in chocolate with sugar on top. It must be a battle getting the kids involved, right? My eldest son's favorite part is putting on the "bunny butts". My youngest's favorite part is sneaking various parts of his body into the chocolate. Seriously. Chocolate fingers, elbows, and a nose when he was supposedly "just smelling".
Wishing you a blessed Easter filled with family moments and soaking in Christ's love.

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